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Why Does Content Matter for Small Businesses?

Why Does Content Matter for Small Businesses?
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Why Does Content Matter for Small Businesses?

You have a website for your small business but what about the blog? That's what most people refer to as "content" in "content marketing." Don't worry, blogging isn't a four-letter word and you can definitely do it. But for this episode, we're going to focus on why content matters for small business websites. 


Welcome to the Launch With Words Podcast with your host, Bridget Willard. We're going to talk about all things, content -- blogging, articles, videos -- whatever has words and goes on your website.

Hey, thanks for spending some time with me. We're going to talk about why, why content matters for small businesses. So when we talk about content, we're talking about the words. That's why this is called Launch With Words, because we think of these words that marketers give us and they feel overwhelming and it feels like we don't know exactly what they're talking about. We're talking about articles. We're talking about your about page. We're talking about your biography, right? We're talking about articles. We're talking about page content.

Content matters to small businesses because they -- you -- are needing to reach out to your customer base. Of course. So for your website, your website is used for two things, validation and discovery.

So sure somebody might discover your website doing a search, uh roofing contractor near me, for example. Or, um, your friend down the street might say, "Hey, go check out my vendor. And this is what they do." And give you the website, right?

And then you look at that website as a customer. And you, you think is this the kind of person I want to work with? Do I like the personality they have? Am I impressed with their skillset? And then that's the validation. So you're, you're getting discovered from social media, from a referral, from a search on Google, Alexa, Siri. And then the person is going to look at your website and see. Hey, does this person know what they are talking about? Do they really know about standing-seam metal roofs? Do they really understand architecture in Texas? What is it that we can get from this website to see if I kind of like who you are and your, and your personality?

And as a bonus, it answers any questions the customer might have about procedures or things that are confusing, the premium content pack for Launch With Words.

For example, for roofing includes a blog post about, um, oh, would you call it? Uh, I just lost. I just lost my train of thought. Cause whatever that's what happens, right? Words, words, words, get focused. So here's the thing [laughs] you want to know. Am I going to get a change order for this plywood, sheathing? And why am I getting a change order for this? Well, because you don't know if you have to replace plywood sheathing, unless you remove the roof first. Right?

One of my most famous content pieces back when I worked at Riggins Construction was a video about a poxy injection and how it was welding the concrete together. That it wasn't solely cosmetic. All of those words give your audience, both robots and humans, something to learn.

So, thank you for listening to season one, episode one. Why does content matter for small businesses? I feel like the answer's right there, you need to communicate your website is that extra sales person. And when you treat it that way, you're going to be more successful.

Thanks for listening to Launch With Words, a podcast by If you liked this podcast, one, I go ahead and share it with your friends, small business owners, peers, your brother. Oh, I really appreciate your attention. If you have any ideas, contact me on my website. Follow me at @BridgetMWillard on Twitter. And I hope to see you on the next episode or the next season.

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